Friday, May 27, 2011

I seem to have an obsession with cute handmade softies-- there is just something about them I can't get enough of.
Each of the following is for sale... but you better get in quick before I snap one up for myself!

This green apple rattle from Birch seed is a great gift idea for the new mummy..

Check out their printed bibs and clothes, cute alert!

I have named him meow and he will be known as meow

(I think his real name is actually Arvey)

grrl + dog have my ultimate, absolutely favourite softie..

hello Goose, will you be my snuggly vintage friend?

booqi love x


  1. hello! thanks for selecting my BIRCHseed rattle for your lovely blog. i see you have started a new-ish shop & you have some very sweet items for sale. i especially love the fabric earings. best of luck & looking forward to following your progress -- nikki :)

  2. ps: just had a peek through the grrl & dog and chetanddot shops & i love them both. the chetanddaot- 'Ferris Wheel Linen Snap Pouch' is a fav, & the 'goose' vintage softie you have highlighted above is also my top choice from grrl & dog!

  3. Hey Nikki, we love them all too! There are just so many beautiful things out there for us to relish in! thanks for stopping by :)

  4. what a very groovy blog you have here...

    and wonderful taste.

    Goose is getting a very big head now..


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