Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{for Mum, from Jess}

My Mum's favourite colour is green. Growing up I can remember her endlessly wearing

1. her green turtle neck skivvy.
2. her green tracksuit pants.
Perhaps even together..right Mum?
(if you question her she will completely and utterly deny that green is her absolute fave, but we all know it is)

(incidentally I couldn't find a picture of Mum wearing green, I'm going to put this down to our old computer crashing 6 months ago//meaning the pics we have at the moment are only mostly recent.)

What I did find, however, are some great green things to buy.

For some reason this dress reminds me of Melbourne, I just love the mottled greens.
And it is even made from gorgeous hemp, check it out here at Edna and Wilhemina .

Military (so I've heard) is back in this season so this bag from packs & totes is perfect to pair with some trendy military inspired outfits.
Love the army green in this. Love this shop in general.

Finally, this has got to be the most exciting discovery I have made of late - felt slippers from Kadabros

All I can say is, I am just coveting them.

I know green has been given a bad rap in the past, but it really is nice to see all the lush green winter vegetation popping up her in Aus. 

Happy winter everybody.

booqi x

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