Thursday, June 16, 2011

NEW polaroid prop, coming soon.

Ok, Ok, ok.. so clearly we have been having just too much fun with this.

 seriously, why wouldn't we though?

Made from super strong plexi-glass, we chose to write on this baby with permanent marker (took some time trying to figure out how to remove it) and then settled for normal white board markers, just wipe clean when you're finished for a new caption.

Pick up your life sized polaroid prop in store soon... ish..

Oh and buon compleanno, its italian ..for yogurt..   ;)


  1. This is crazy! I need one of these for when we move down, for my business! adam even suggested talking to you guys about it! haha how much will they be?!?!? YAY!

  2. Hey Jools, we aren't sure of price yet until we can figure out our overall manufacture costs, probably will know Tuesday or Wednesday :) Glad you like it, took a bit of courage to go get it done after the idea popped into my head, wasn't sure if it would work!


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