Friday, July 22, 2011

{Summer Things}

Today it is utterly cold -- I am so glad that when Kyle leaves for work I can stay in my toasty bed and keep my toes tucked warmly under the covers.

Sometimes I think about him/ out there in the weather.. Then I look outside and am absolutely glad I am me..inside.

So here is an ode to summer & all the things that come with it.

These little shoes, from miss poppitt, remind me of the warm yellow sun.

Please, please can we have a little summer girl one day so that she can wear this sunsuit?

(from Pokito)

Dont forget your beach bag from material girl ..

or your Sunhat from Aka Tombo

Finally, my favourite yellow dress.. EVER from Urban Art Wear

If you live in the other hemisphere... send us warm thoughts.

Jess x

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