Friday, December 9, 2011

Tee Pee Tutorial

Do you remember playing Cowboys and Indians when you were little?

Here is a simple Tee Pee tutorial to help get in touch with your younger self.. ..

Making a Tee Pee doesn't have to be hard, if you choose to do a no sew version you can knock it up in a couple of minutes. Remember when you would make little paper tee pee's for dioramas at school?
The best thing about making a tee pee this way is that you can make it as complicated or as easy as you like.

 Grab/Cut a rectangular piece of material.

Our material measured 264 cm x 132 cm.
We chose this number because we actually sewed 32 minnie rectangles together to make one large rectangle.

Your's can be any size as long as it makes a perfect square when halved.

Fold your rectangle into a square.

(We had a piece of material measuring 132 cm x 132 cm)

Fold that square into a rectangle

Then Cut off the ends like shown. Its best to practice this bit on a piece of paper before you cut into your material, cut the wrong end with the large curve shape and you'll cut right through your tee pee.

A good way to know how large your poles/dowel is going to need to be is by measuring one side of your rectangle.

Our dowel, for instance, should have been 132 cm long

- We purchased dowel a little longer to allow room for a skirt at the bottom of our tee pee.

Now you have your basic Tee Pee shape. If you don't care for sewing grab some rope and tie your poles together, then use velcro which has adhesive on the flat side to stick the top of your Tee Pee together.

 We used bolts and an O ring to join our poles together.

We used a sewing machine to connect the top half.

Added a pocket inside for toys.

And toggles to the outside for closing the doors.

Now we have a fantastic Tee Pee to play in!


booqi x

Thursday, December 1, 2011

(Housekeeping for 12 days of booqi)

Maximum entry: One per person, per prize.
Winners will be announced 7 pm December 12th at close of competition.
Winners will be notified on booqi facebook & via email. 

All information/address, names- Is to be received by December 15th. If information is not received prize is forfeited and a second chance draw will be made. All prizes will be sent by December 17th. (We go on holidays December 18th)

Winners will be chosen for best/most creative answer or by random ballot dependent upon the rules per prize/per day.

Maximum win per person, two prizes.

Good luck & Merry Christmas!

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